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Members of the RCM Students' Union Committee meet in the cafe.

Feature Autumn 2022

Student voices: Meet the Students' Union

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The Royal College of Music Students' Union (SU) represents all members of the student body at College. The current Executive Committee share their plans for the year, how they're doing things differently, and their personal career goals.

Tymon SU President


Hello! I’m Tymon and I have just graduated with a Bachelor in Composition. I’m working full-time as the RCM’s Students' Union President for 2022/23.

Three things you should know about me

  • I’m from Poland
  • I love gardening (I grew tomatoes and squashes this year)
  • I’m involved in the Youth Panel at Chelsea Physic Garden as a volunteer.

What do you hope to achieve as SU President?

I hope to see the results of my input in various committees at the College and see RCM evolve as a result of feedback from the Students' Union. I also want to work closely with the Estates team on promoting sustainability at the College, which is more important than ever. 

After the RCM...

I will have one more (working) gap year to save some money and then I hope to do a masters course.

Eyra Norman, RCM Students' Union MarComms Officer


Hi there, my name is Eyra and I’m a soprano in my first year as a Masters student in the Vocal and Opera Faculty. My role in the Students' Union is Marketing and Communications Officer.

Three things you should know about me

  • My favourite composer is Shostakovich
  • I’m a painter
  • I’m really into mixed martial arts!

What do you enjoy about your role?

This year, I’m looking forward to being part of projects in and outside of College and creating posters for Students' Union events.

After the RCM...

I hope to have a career as an opera singer.


Anian Wiedner, International Officer on the RCM Students' Union


Hi, I’m Anian and I’m a fourth-year undergraduate composer from Germany. I am on this year’s Students' Union as the International Officer.

Three things you should know about me

  • You probably shouldn’t talk to me in the morning before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee!
  • I started at the RCM as an organist, not a composer (and gradually changed my main focus)
  • I am the youngest of four brothers.

How was your experience of moving to the UK?

As an international student, the RCM has been very welcoming and supportive, but things like Brexit have obviously made life a bit less straightforward. It is obviously always very hard to move to another country with a different culture and with different traditions, but I’d say that after more than three years, I am definitely getting used to living in this country.

After the RCM...

I would like to do a postgraduate degree and eventuallymake my living as a musician – and obviously I will keep composing no matter what!


Connor Gingell, Students' Union Events Officer


My name is Connor and I am a fist year Masters tuba player. I am the Events Officer for this year’s Students' Union.

Things you should know about me

  • I can ride a motorcycle
  • I’m a failed laboratory technician now seeking a career in music.

What kind of events do you enjoy?

My favourite event at College has been playing Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony. This year I’m planning lots of inclusive social events!


Larli Davies, RCM Students' Union Diversity Officer


Hello! I’m Larli, a second year recorder player from Australia and the Students' Union Diversity Officer this year!

Three things you should know about me

  • My accent changes every second word
  • I listen to Flight of the Conchords on the bus every day
  • I’m on a mission to befriend every dog in London.

What would you like to achieve in your SU role this year?

I want to contribute to the College’s commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and build upon the existing framework so that we can incorporate it into all aspects of College life and hopefully add to a more inclusive musical world.

Most of all, I want to help ensure that students from less-usual backgrounds (like my own) feel supported and welcomed by the College community!

After the RCM...

I want to keep playing my recorders while also working as an advocate/researcher for diversity in the arts – particularly when it comes to disabled culture! I hope this will allow me to travel and continue to work here in Europe and in Australia.


Student Union Welfare and Disabilities Officer Louisa Kataria


Hi! I’m Louisa, a fourth year saxophonist, and I’m the Welfare and Disabilities Officer on the Students' Union.

Three things you should know about me

  • This is my second year in this role on the SU!
  • I love to bake (and eat the bakes)
  • I’m really into bouldering when I have the time.

What are your goals for this year on the SU?

To increase the conversation around reshaping the music industry to be a more accessible and healthier environment where welfare is prioritised. Oh, and bringing back therapy dogs.

After the RCM...

I’d love to have a varied performing career but I’m particularly excited about pit band playing.



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